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Leaving Halberd Peak

Image by Dan Otis
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A Kinky Small Town Love Story
By Rowan Helaine

Image by Manik Roy

About The Book

Trapped in this tiny town from birth, Sam Soren is probably going to die here, crushed by a falling beer sign in the family billiards hall. In a permanent sullen mood, he’s made peace with his reputation as the bastard of the county. That is, until Gretchen Clarke stumbles into his bar with trouble written all over her.

Armed with a superhuman ability to roll with the punches, Gretchen is going places, and would have gotten there faster if her car hadn't broken down. The residents of Halberd Peak open their hearts to her, and when tragedy strikes, she finds herself doing exactly what she swore she’d never do again: getting involved.

Circumstances bind Sam and Gretchen together, but can their connection survive when plans change?